• Standard training manuals and documentation
  • Techniques, tactics, and procedures (TTPs)
  • Standard operating procedures (SOPs)
  • Operating handbooks
  • Checklists
  • Safety procedures and protocols

Vertical Vision also offers the following additional services to further assist your organization in implementing UAS operations:

  • Organizational UAS needs and implementation assessment
    • Analysis of organizational needs regarding UAS usage
    • Determination of best possible and most suitable implementation processes
    • Post implementation analysis and assessment to assure most efficient operation and data collection
  • Sensor and payload design, testing, and integration
    • Custom component design and construction for organization specific sensors, payloads, and components
    • Post design testing of all sensors, payloads, and custom components


Vertical Vision's training process closely models the Department of Defense (DOD) curriculum used for existing programs of record. The reason for this parallel is based on over 23 years of formal unmanned aerial systems (UAS) training and operations in both military and civilian applications.

As a DOD trained Internal Pilot, External Pilot, Payload Operator and Instructor, Vertical Vision's CEO has both school house and real world operational experience that influences the simplicity, reliability, and repeatability of safely operating the Vertical Vision Scout UAS or your UAS of choice. Risk management, safety assessment, and mission planning are instrumental to operating any UAS which is echoed throughout  the Vertical Vision UAS training process.  Vertical Vision will work with your organization to deliver the most effective and efficient training program that will allow you to develop a program of record for your UAS. At a minimum, Vertical Vision training for your organization will include: