of experience in the aviation arena including  aviation risk assessment and safety planning, human factors and team resource management analysis, instructional design and implementation, and business and operations planning .

Determining how to integrate a UAS into your organization or business model is key when selecting a UAS that can assist in supporting your company’s goals and objectives. Vertical Vision is second to none in developing the roles and responsibilities you and your UAS will play in making your organizational or business goals that much more effective. Regardless of the UAS your organization decides to operate, Vertical Vision is capable and willing to assist in integrating your system of choice into your organization.

TTP’s (Techniques Tactics and Procedures) are commonly used in discussions surrounding UAS employment in the military and law enforcement. Vertical Vision clearly explains all aspects of TTPs in the specific operational piece your Vertical Vision Scout will play. More importantly we will train you and your team to develop TTP’s you can employ with your UAS.

Vertical Vision is also fully equipped to design, test, and integrate various sensors and payloads on your UAS. Custom components can be designed and constructed to meet your unique organizational needs. From concept to integration, Vertical Vision is capable of delivering an exceptional and distinctive system specific to your organization or business.


Vertical Vision, a veteran owned and operated organization,  is a unmanned aerial systems (UAS) company that goes above and beyond the normal scope of hobbyist remote controlled and/or unmanned vehicles. With over 23 years of training and operational experience, our CEO knows what it takes to safely, effectively, and efficiently integrate a UAS platform into your business or organization. As a DOD trained Internal Pilot, External Pilot, Payload Operator and Instructor, Vertical Visions CEO has both school house and real world operational experience that influences the simplicity, reliability, and repeatability of safely operating the Vertical Vision Scout UAS. In addition, the COO offers over 13 years