Vertical Vision offers a variety of services to assist in implementation of a UAS into your organization. From organizational assessment to training, Vertical Vision can help your organization determine what type of UAS is appropriate, what capabilities are required, and how to safely integrate your UAS.


Vertical Vision is a veteran owned and operated Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) LLC focused on providing training, equipment, and operating solutions to responsible users. UAS integration into the national airspace (NAS) has been and always will be an ongoing challenge. Vertical Vision puts operational safety at the top of the list in respect to operating any UAS.

To safely, effectively and efficiently integrate a UAS platform into your business or organization to support and enhance your organizational goals and objectives, as well as provide appropriate and extensive training to safely implement your UAS solution.

Vertical Vision's Scout small unmanned aerial system (sUAS) is the result of over 2 years’ worth of testing and development of multi-rotor airframe design, payload stabilization, portability and reliable avionics integration. Intended for professional use, the Scout was not designed to be used as a hobbyist platform.